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Overnight oximetry

Your Doctor

If your doctor has ordered an overnight pulse oximetry for you, he is trying to find out if your oxygen levels change, or drop while you are asleep. Doctors are able to look at the report and see if your oxygen levels dropped during the night. If so, your doctor may order supplemental oxygen for you to wear while you sleep. Your doctor may find that your oxygen levels go up and down many times during the night. This may be a sign of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). Your doctor may want to have you do a sleep study.


When your doctor orders an overnight oximetry for you, a representative will bring a pulse oximeter to you for testing. The Representative IS NOT to give you any instruction. You will be given paperwork with O2Testers contact information. You will also be given written instructions. If you have any questions or concerns call our 24 hour toll-free phone number.   Put the oximeter on about 10 minutes before you go to bed. With the clip on your finger, push the big button and the machine will turn on. When the oximeter is working properly the light on the unit will be flashing green, and there will be two numbers displayed on the oximeter. When the oximeter is working properly, use a piece of tape or a bandaid to hold the wire to the back of your finger. DO NOT TAPE THE FINGER CLIP TO YOUR FINGER.                          
Please wear the oximeter on your finger ALL night. Six hours or more is optimal as it gives the doctor a good sample of your sleep patterns.
If you are doing the test on oxygen, or you need to put your oxygen on during the night, be sure to log the time and reason on your log sheet as well as the liter flow.
When you get up in the morning push the big button, and hold it down until the lights go out.
Please fill out ALL paperwork. Sign and date the forms, and give them to the representative along with the oximeter when he arrives.


Your representative will take the paperwork and oximeter back to the office. The paperwork will be faxed via a secure connection to our office. The oximeter will be downloaded to the computer and sent in an encripted state to our office. O2Tester takes the information and generates a report that is sent to your medical provider via secure fax.
O2Tester works hard to keep your out-of-pocket expenses to a minimum. Please fill in all insurance information on the forms provided.
O2Tester accepts PayPal, credit cards, debit card, and check by phone.

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